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GIS Developer

Altice Portugal
Altice Portugal is a global telecommunications and multimedia operator based in Portugal.

Job details

  • Full-time
  • map markerLisbon, PT
  • cardRequires Work Permit
    Requires that you're a citizen or have a valid work permit / visa sponsorship to work in the country in which this position is based.
  • routeIntermediate
  • routeRequired language: Portuguese
  • Full-stack Developer
  • tagMust Have: .NET, GISOther Required: ASP.NET

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We are looking for a GIS Developer and with experience also in Signet e ArcGis. We will share our knowledge and provide an excellent working environment.  The candidate will do application, technical and functional support in geo reference systems. He also will do GIS development and business support

The consultant should be especially proactive and able to work in teams. We value creativity.

Main requirements

Implement GIS Systems and the candidate must be a developer and not  must be a developer and not a geographer

  • Good knowlege in GIS, ArcGis and Signet
  • knowledge of .Net, ASP .Net, ASP.X e Java Script
  • Oracle Data Base

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